For many Hispanics around the world, the colder weather and holiday season mean one thing to us: TAMALES! Every region has their own version of tamales but one thing is for sure, they're delicious! Tamales always remind me of when I was four years old and the smell of tamales cooking on the stove filled the air in our tiny apartment, which was somehow able to fit in my ENTIRE family on Christmas eve! Every year I look forward to my mom coming home from the store with the corn husks and the masa to prepare them. Now imagine my surprise when my mom announced last week that she would NOT be making tamales for Christmas this year! Blasphemy!

I mean, I kind of get it; making tamales is a lot of work! My mom is up the night before preparing the chile and meat for the filling; then on Christmas morning we all get up early to start spreading the masa on the husk. It's exhausting!

Joanna Barba

BUT.... the end result is worth it!

I mean, I can make them myself, but, that's not going to happen! So this is where you come in! I need to know where to get some tamales this holiday season! I wouldn't even know where to look because I've never eaten tamales other than my moms! Where are you favorite places in the 915 to get some tamales? I need to know! Be my tamale hero!