El Paso's first responders and health care workers are amazing people who deserve our thanks and appreciation. There are others in El Paso, equally deserving.

We are sooooo dependent on electricity yet rarely give it a thought ... until it goes out. That is when some highly trained peeps get going and our very lives depend on them getting things handled. The lineman, and women, of El Paso Electric are ready to go on a moments notice to restore power and work constantly to maintain it.

Watching tv and listening to music requires power. Indulging in many hobbies and activities as well as charging our smart phones and keeping us cool in the brutal summer heat, again, demand electricity. Being able to conduct business and keeping life saving equipment and facilities in operation necessitates that the power stays ON.

When it isn't, no matter the time of day or what the weather is like, El Paso Electric lineworkers spring into action to do whatever is necessary to get us back online as quickly as possible. Working with high voltage power lines can be deadly on a good day. In high winds or any inclement weather, the danger levels  really go up. Ditto for high heat or when it's dark out.

An EP Electric representative told the El Paso Times:

El Paso Electric dedicates the month of July to lineworkers who work courageously to ensure that the electricity stays on for all residents that they serve. Residents can show their appreciation by sending a message online to thank a lineworker.

Also on the list of those we should thank, but who also often go unnoticed, are the El Paso Water and natural gas workers. They are in pretty much the same boat, providing a vital service and having to hit the ground running whenever there is a disruption in that service. 24/7, 365 days a year in all weather conditions.

Please express your gratitude when you can to these folks and give them room and courtesy when you see their vehicles and equipment along roadsides or when trying to access hard to reach areas.


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