Jo's Coffee in Austin, Texas wants your ugly dogs to be winners!

I know what you might be thinking- how could dogs be ugly? In my eyes, all dogs and pets are adorable! Sometimes, dogs are so ugly that they're cute! But nonetheless, Jo's Coffee and the Austin Humane Society want your ugly dogs... to be winners!

New York Fashion Goes To The Dogs
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The 6th Annual Jo’s Ugly Dog Contest will be held on Sunday, Oct. 29th from noon to 3 PM at Jo’s Red River located at 1000 East 41st Street in Austin.

For the past six years, doggos of all breeds and looks have been competing for the coveted title of "ugliest dog". If your doggo looks a little "ruff"? Or maybe your furry friend has an interesting aesthetic that you just couldn’t resist? Do you think you and your dog look-a-like? Is your pup the best in town? Or are you totally obsessed with all things costumes? Then this is the contest for you!

The contest will have four categories:

  • Ugliest Dog
  • Best Costume
  • Best in Show
  • Doggelganger
Courtesy: Dogs on The Run Groomers
Courtesy: Dogs on The Run Groomers

This is really the time to show off your doggy and to help a great cause!

You can submit your "dogtestants" photos through this link. It is $10 to submit your photos, and $15 the day of. You can vote for your favorites at the register at Jo's Coffee for $2. The great thing about this is that all funds raised from entries and votes go straight to our friends at the Austin Humane Society!

You can find out more about this adorable event, and how you can participate here.

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