I know I am not alone when I say I've also seen what might be a UFO in our El Paso sky. There are people who believe that we are not alone and extraterrestrial life exists. While others like to just pretend they didn't see anything and believe any other life form doesn't exist. Even a few years ago in 2017, Glenn wanted your opinion on some time-lapse footage that's questionable. He shared a time-lapse video of what could be a UFO or a jet.

I guess you can say I was a part of the non-believers until I couldn't explain what I saw one evening. When I first spotted unidentified flying objects in the sky I was a sophomore in high school. I was hanging out with my uncle, his girlfriend at the time, and his friends one night. I had gone on a food run that evening for everyone and noticed a couple of flying objects in the sky. Once I got back with food I told everyone to go outside and see what I had seen. As soon as they witnessed it we all went inside and everyone called someone to spread the word.

Just recently according to CNN The Pentagon released three UFO videos of what seems to be unimaginable. The motions that the unidentified flying objects project isn't like your usual flying objects such as planes or jets. Flying objects like planes or jets certainly can't move the way you see the objects move in the videos. Even a former Pentagon UFO official, Luis Elizondo even believes that we are not alone. So I am curious if you believe aliens exist or if they don't so leave your opinion below.


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