A Burger King Customer in San Antonio had an epic meltdown after being told she would have to pay to get extra sauce packets. Sometimes, you just want it to be like the good ol' days where you could get that extra ketchup and not worry about being charged for it. This customer from a Burger King in San Antonio must feel that way, especially after her epic meltdown about the cost of some extra sauce packets.

According to the Daily Mail, the man who filmed the video said the incident happened on November 14th of last year when he stopped by the San Antonio Burger King to fill an UberEats order. According to the guy filming, the woman became upset when she was told it would cost extra for additional sauce packets. She becomes irate and begins to verbally abuse the fast-food worker behind the counter. While her friend unsuccessfully tries to restrain her, the woman proceeds to hurl straws and cup lids at the workers behind the counter. Finally, her friend is able to convince her to leave the restaurant, but not before trying to push open the locked door next to the open one. Watch the video below to see the epic meltdown of this customer. Still no word on exactly how much she was being charged for those extra sauce packets.

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