Apparently there is a famous trend going around with a simple color change to familiar drinks. If you're favorite color is black and think you have a dark should try the goth drinks!

The ONLY time I had ever taken charcoal was when I had to be taken to the hospital because a boy (in middle school) slipped a pill in my drink. What I remember from the charcoal drink was it was nasty and had me puking my brains out. The people who have been waiting for a dark drink like this say the color change DOES NOT affect the taste. I have never tried charcoal in lemonade or a latte so can't be a judge until I try it. If you're into the whole goth lifestyle, this is something you should try to impress  the ones in all black. Now if you think charcoal can harm you it actually helps you reduce cholesterol, hangovers and other positive effects.

If your favorite color is black and you don't mind standing out then I suggest you try these goth drinks!

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