In Los Fresnos, Texas there was quite the news story that was released earlier today. Two men, Mark Anthony Trevino, 29 and Steven Clark Woodington, 59 for animal cruelty. These two men had kept approximately 300 dogs locked up in kennels in a warehouse. They didn't have one dog per kennel, they had kept up to 3 or 4 dogs were locked in just one kennel together. If it weren't for the animal control calling to complain about the barking who knows what would have happened.

It was devastating to hear how they found these dogs locked up in their own urine and feces. The deputy also mentioned that one cat was found among the many dogs that were locked up. There were also some animals that needed medical attention and were malnourished. They had set a bond for both men at $20,000 but could possibly add more charges. One of the deputies had mentioned they had never seen anything like that. Hopefully, these men pay the price for keeping the animals locked up in a Texas warehouse.

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