Getting "together" in the virtual world may be driving us apart in the real one!

At teh very least it may be affecting our thoughts!  Have you ever run a search on something .. let's say Metallica .. and gotten one of those "if you like Metallica, you may like these bands" lists??  What if you spent all your time, only at those sites? Your musical growth would stagnate pretty quickly!  The same goes for political sites (you only check the tea party ones) or even news. Say you only check; your perception of the world would be super narrow if you only knew how, what or why things happen in the El Paso area!   A recent article I read brought this subject up and inspired todays blog. 

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The moral of the story, I think, is read everything you can about the subjects you're interested in!  Some people always "follow the leader", but even views that oppose your own can provide insight!  At least, you'll know you have learned all you can about stuff and can make an informed decision!!  Way to many people in this world vote or set precedents and policies based on what one source had to say about it.  (C'mon, how many of you have had to deal with a rule that doesn't make sense or always have to do something the "hard" way because the moron that wrote the rule book didn't bother to look at other options??) 

What do you think?  Is the internet causing "tunnel thought"??

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