Some passengers who were waiting for their flight had quite the surprise with TSA agents! The whole Government shutdown will be leaving some Federal employees and TSA Agents without a paycheck. Since the shutdown started there have been all kinds of memes and skits being created. The skit I recently saw shows two TSA Agents sitting around allowing people who shouldn't be on a plane, on.  Now I am in no way making jokes about someone not getting paid. Some TSA Agents are still returning to work knowing there will be no paycheck. After being done dirty like that, would you do the same as these TSA Agents did? If I knew I was not getting paid I am not sure I could go to the extreme as they did. All sorts of passengers were tweeting about the sort of music that was being played at the airport. There were quite a few positive comments about the new music playlist. If I worked with that group I would ask if they could add on a few favorites of mine to the list. The songs I would ask permission for would be "Misery Business" from Paramore. Second, would be "Fight For Your Right" from the one and only Beastie Boys. My final song is "Walk Away" from Five Finger Death Punch.

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