Donald Trump successfully got America to briefly talk about something other than babies being snatched from their mothers' arms and continuing revelations about his campaign's extensive ties to Russian operatives. He did this by ripping off a Dave Chappelle bit from 15 years ago.

  • 1.) The President can't just create a new branch of the military.

I know, I know...other than the 2nd amendment, why does the Constitution have to be such a buzzkill for the Trumpsters? Unfortunately, that particular power is reserved for congress. I suppose Trump could try and force congress to create his Space Force, but whose babies would he have to kidnap to get that done?

  • 2.) The Military brass doesn't want it.

A "Space Force" has been considered for decades (as opposed to Trump who came up with the idea spur-of-the-moment after switching back and forth too quickly between "Fox and Friends" and a rerun of "Moonraker"). America's top military officers have consistently said that they prefer leaving dominion of space with the already-existing U.S. Air Force Space Command.

  • 3.) There are a number of existing international treaties against the militarization of space.

This includes the 1967 Space Treaty which bans weapons of mass destruction from being placed in space and, generally, discourages militarization of space. But, hell, even a bunch of libtard socialists like the Federation of Planets were able to get photon torpedoes on their star ships so, given what we know about Trump, anything as trifling as "long standing treaties" and "established international protocol" should be the least of his problems.

  • 4.) Anybody who signs up will have to be a literal "Space Cadet".

So, on that count at least, Trump is one step ahead of the game. He's got plenty of space cadets among his supporters.

Here's compelling video of Trump's vaunted "First Order"...


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