Here’s the companion for today’s True Crime Report as heard on the Buzz Adams Morning Show. Every time we do a True Crime Report we have people asking to provide links so they can go and see mugshots, videos, etc. So now we’re doing it ahead of time. Here it is!

33 year old Tasia Young was cool with having a threesome with her boyfriend and another woman. Things went sour when, after the menage a trois, the boyfriend called a cab for Tasia…but let the other woman stay at his apartment. Well, Tasia wasn’t having none of that so she set his apartment on fire. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” I guess.

Before you start thinking about how lucky this guy was to have his GF agree to a 3-way…maybe you should check out her mugshot.

Woodbury Police Department

Tasia S. Young, 33, of Woodbury, is charged with arson and related offenses.

  • A Couple Give Laxatives to Striking Teachers; Record it all on Facebook

Bo Cosens and his girlfriend Rachel Sharrock live right across the street from a school where teachers have been picketing for several weeks while on strike. They were annoyed by the noise and the honks when supporters drove by. So, they made cookies with laxative as a secret ingredient.

They tipped their hand though, by putting their insidious plot on Facebook so when the teachers got the cookies they turned them directly over to the police. So now these two geniuses are facing felony charges.

This happened in Laredo when the suspect, 20 year old Lizeth Guadalupe Ramirez , asked her common-law husband if he thought she was pretty. He says he didn’t hear her but, whatever the case may be, he didn’t answer her quick enough so she started wailing on him. Also, she originally told police that HE hit HER but they determined it was the other way around.

Here’s her mugshot and I’ll ask you the same question she asked her S.O.: is she pretty?

Webb County Sheriff's Office