Fresh off of their co-headlining tour with In Flames, Trivium are still on the road supporting their latest record ‘In Waves.’ In a video interview with guitar site Trivium axeman Corey Beaulieu talks all about his favorite song to play live and his major influences as a guitar player, while offering advice to fellow shredders.

“I think on this tour, usually the songs that are kind of like my favorite in a set is the newest addition or something that we really haven’t played either ever or played in a really long time,” says Beaulieu. “There’s always certain songs that are kind of like staples if you don’t put them in the set people b—h, so there’s always those core songs where these are the songs we have to do and sprinkle in some depending on the set length.”

Beaulieu continued, “This tour we started doing ‘Forsake Not the Dream’ from ‘In Waves’ which has been a lot of fun to play just because, I guess it’s one of the more guitar oriented involved songs on the record where there’s a lot of cool little bits and pieces, a lot of layering of parts. So it’s a little bit more I guess on the guitar demanding songs on the album, playing it live has been a lot of fun you get to play a lot of cool guitar licks and stuff.”

Beaulieu also talks about some of his influences as a guitarist. “I never got everything from one guitar player ‘cause if you do it just ends up being, sounding like a clone. Marty Friedman was a big influence, George Lynch from Dokken, Alex Schonick, Yngwie Malsteen. I’d take certain little melodic licks I learned from the Dokken songs “like that’s cool” using those note patterns, Friedman I’d tried to learn the more off the wall weird stuff, then Yngwie a lot of my superfast descending or ascending shred licks are kind of more Yngwie Malmsteen without sounding like I’m playing Yngwie Malmsteen lick. It’s not all about how fast you can play or how cool or crazy you can play it’s just adding to the song in a cool way that people can dig and remember.”

Trivium are currently embarking on an incredibly extensive world tour.

Check out the’s full video interview with Corey Beaulieu