A new musical project has recently surfaced, which features tracks written by Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton and DevilDriver vocalist Dez Fafara. The duo, along with monster drummer Kevin Talley, have adopted the name Born of the Storm and have put the songs ‘Nowhere Fast’ and ‘Dust’ online for free download.

Before you start freaking out and begging for tour dates, Mark Morton recently told NZRock that the collaboration is “purely for fun” and no official record release is set to take place.

“It’s two friends sending songs back and forth via email and just tinkering with stuff purely for fun,” explains Morton. “We made the mistake, I suppose … or overlooked the fact … we were tweeting with someone or I answered a question about it. I don’t even remember exactly how it went down, it might’ve even been me and Dez tweeting back and forth. Someone caught wind of it and decided to make it a heavy metal news headline that Dez and I have a side project.” [Laughs]

Morton continued to explain why he and Dez have chosen to keep their project out of music industry hands. “When you get signed to a label or when your band reaches a certain status, or when you’re on the road a lot, a lot of times the business side of things and the press… interviews, the touring, all the things that don’t have to do with strapping on your guitar or grabbing a mic and singing, a lot of the time those things can overshadow the actual creative process and I think it’s really important to do music for the sake of pure creativity and that’s the story with the project that Dez and I have. We’re not exactly sure if or when we’re going to release it. It’s really just two friends having fun.”

Check out the two new Born of the Storm tracks in the links below.

‘Nowhere Fast’ – Download

‘Dust’ – Download

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