A band passing through El Paso has found themselves sorta stuck here and could use a little help.

"Heavy Metal Honkytonk" ... at its finest ... comes to El Paso via WhiskeyDick. They pulled into town for a show yesterday on their way to Phoenix for another show. That gig canceled though so they're playing a second night in El Paso and the cost of admission is up to YOU.

Whatever you feel like tossing in the tip jar, along with whatever they make selling their merchandise, will go toward getting these guys back on the road. Here are the details as posted on Facebook:

Ok Folks, your HELP is NEEDED. WhiskeyDick & JAMES HUNNICUTT, the coolest guys around, came through EP for a show. Their Phoenix gig cancelled, so they're playing another night in El Chuco for tips. Tips!!!! If everyone came out & threw in a few bucks, these gents would have gas money to get going again. PLEASE come out 😊 Musicians, come on now, support your fellow musician. Thanks Everyone!!!

The show is tonight ... 1/14/20 ... at Mulligans #3, located at 1810 George Dieter. It starts at 8pm. Hope to see lots of you there!

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