One of the coolest things about Trans Siberian Orchestra is their charity to people and organizations wherever they play. A few years ago, KLAQ was challenged by TSO's Paul O'Neill to give away $2,500 around El Paso. This is Maria Lozano's story. Watch it without tissue, we dare you.

The station decided to split the money into five gifts of $500 each. Our job was to look for real need and try to meet it with TSO's money. Some gifts went to organizations, but through a contact at Primera Iglesia Bautista Mexicana, Mando Medina and I found Maria Lozano and her sons, in desperate need of money for heat in their East Montana home, built by the sons from scraps.

The $500 was the perfect gift at the perfect time for the Lozanos. So, when you're at the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert or whenever you see them, know the Holiday spirit is more than just a part of the band's show. Here is one El Paso family that can attest to that.

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