This video is a train wreck ... literally. You see and hear warnings all the time about the dangers of train crossings yet, peeps keep doing stuff like this.

Last August, a semi-truck stopped with his rear end on the train tracks here in El Paso and, well, the video is self-explanatory.  Railroad crossings are simple to work with and, fortunately, they make them pretty easy to spot. They have gates and lights and bells in addition to the fact that the trains themselves are huge and pretty damn loud. (You can hear those horns a mile away.)

Still, though, people insist on doing dumb things like either trying to beat the trains across the tracks or, stopping on/partially on the crossing itself. Note: Trains are big and they don't stop on a dime. I don't care if the engineer does see you from a mile away, he still won't stop in time to avoid hitting you. DON'T STOP ON THE TRACKS!

If you do, you will quite likely wind up like the driver in the video ... if not worse off.  Here are the big 3 safety tips:

  • Always look out for warning signs and signals. Flashing red lights indicate a train is approaching. Do not cross the tracks until the lights have stopped flashing and it is safe to do so.
  • Always assume a train is coming. Look carefully in each direction before crossing the tracks. Trains can run on any track, in either direction, at any time.
  • If it won’t fit, don’t commit! (See the video above.) -

For more tips, click here. Basically, don't be an idiot and you should be fine.

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