Thankfully there were no people around in the restaurant's parking lot when this maniac used his car as a deadly weapon! The offender didn't have any concern for his surroundings when he tried to escape the police.

A few good side notes about this is the police officers weren't seriously injured and instead of relying on their gun they used a taser. It was a pretty dangerous situation when the wrong-doer managed to try and escape two times! When the police men tasered the man in the driver seat, you can hear exactly when he's being tasered. The sad truth is behavior like that would normally would cause a police officer to use an actual gun. The words "Stop, or I'll shoot" aren't taken seriously sometimes which can make an actual good cop look bad just for protecting himself from criminals like above. For example, the officer that pulled his gun on the kids not to long ago could have used his taser instead. That situation wasn't as dangerous as it was for the officers above who could have gotten run over. A&E recently uploaded the clip of the man trying to flee in his car while two cops were hanging on. They were lucky the car didn't crash into any of the other vehicles in the parking lot at The Clock. This is the kind of stuff you see in the movies that you wouldn't expect to see in real life.

Now after viewing the Live PD clip would you criticize the cops if they used a gun instead of the taser? Give your two cents down below!

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