Cesar Milan will be at the Abraham Chavez theater this Saturday. He will be showing you the secrets to a healthy and happy relationship with your pup. The more I talk to people, the more I believe I really need to go to this show. Here are my top reasons Tubby needs Cesar Millan, or an intervention.

  • KLAQ

    The flower pot fertilizer incident

    I took Tubby over to a friend's house for the first time, she wanted her dog to be more social and Tubby needed the same. Instead, he proceeded to run away from the dog the entire time and mark his territory all over her house. The first thing he did was walk outside to go to the bathroom in his own unique way. I lifted his leg to pee on a flowerpot, then twisted over and shoved his paw into the flowerpot. From there he began to do the number 2, down the side of the flowerpot so it got inside and down the side of it. My excuse for him? I believe he was trying to fertilize the plant for her.


  • KLAQ

    His obsession with white

    This is a continuation form the last story. After he pooped in the flowerpot, I sat him on the couch with me so I could hopefully watch him and make sure he behaved at least around me. Instead, he went to the middle of her white couch and peed right on it. I wish this was the only time he has peed on something white.

    Instead last week, when my roommate got home, she took her white sweater off and threw it on the floor of her room. Tubby then went into this room and walked straight to the sweater, and peed on top of it. Then, he walked out and went back to sleep, like a boss. I have white sheets on my bed and luckily, he hasn't pee don them yet. But I'm not hoping for a miracle.

  • KLAQ

    The world is his toilet

    Even if I take my dog out every couple hours to go to the bathroom, the minute I leave the house, I feel like the first thing he does is go pee and poop in protest. The worst is in there bathroom. When I come home from a great night out with friends having dinner and drinks, I'll come home and need to use the restroom. I'll run into the bathroom, only to step in a giant pile of poop and get my shoe soaked in urine that is in the rug. This happens at least once a week.

  • KLAQ

    He doesn't do diets

    I took Tubby to the vet recently and I was told he needs to lose a third of his weight. I always thought he is just pudgy and cute, but apparently, he could have health issues when he is older so he needs to lose the weight. Because of this, I have started a diet plan for him that he has to stick to so he can lose weight. Tubby on the other hand, has started trying everything in his power to get food after he has had his food for the day. From breaking into his giant tub of food, jumping on the table knocking down bags of food and even opening pizza boxes to get the leftover crust inside. No morsel is safe in this household, if it is outside of the refrigerator, he will try everything in his power to get it. Including smashing plates onto the ground so he can get the food int them, like he did yesterday.