Many people know Lisa absolutely adores her dog Tubby, but you may wonder where he came from and how he ended up in her life. Now you can find out here!

Tubby the pug may look like he cost about a $1,000 due to his pure good looks and that perfect double corkscrew tail, but he was actually a rescue dog from an animal rescue in Las Cruces. He spent all of his puppy year stuck in a cage until his owner gave him to the rescue to find a home who had more time for him. Little did they know, he would be given to a woman who would become obsessed with him and dress him in more outfits than she does. Lisa rescued Tubby back in 2011 and they have been inseparable since. Tubby was shy at first and wouldn’t come to people when called and actually hid by his mom whenever she took him out in public. Lisa found other like-minded, pug obsessed people when she join E-PUG, El Paso’s Ultimate Grumble, and his personality blossomed. In case you didn’t know, a group of three or more pugs is called a grumble. Little fact you can use at parties now.

Since then, Tubby has moved from hiding behind his mother to waiting at the fence to leave his pug parties but at least he likes to have people petting him now. Due to him being a rescue, Tubby and Lisa are both advocates for the animal welfare community and Lisa serves on the El Paso Pug Rescue board to help other pugs in need find good homes. She also offers up her own home as a foster mother and has fostered several dogs until they found wonderful new homes. Tubby enjoys helping his mom with her work and the limelight he gets being recognized as the official Buzz Adams Morning Show Mascot Pug.

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