2015 is coming to a close so let's see what posts up on the KLAQ website were the most popular for the year!

  • Babes of Balloonfest 2015

    One of the events that let you know that summer is finally here is Balloonfest! And the KLAQ listeners got to see some of the hotties who came out to join us this year at Wet N Wild. Feeling cold in the snow? Hopefully these sexy babes will help you warm up on this winter night.

  • 2015 Streetfest Headliners

    This year people couldn't wait to find out who the headliners were for Streetfest! When I found out, it was the hardest secret to keep. Everyone knows how bad I am at keeping secrets which is why they waited to tell me. I'm still having dreams about how awesome this year's lineup was.

  • 78 Beautiful Photos of El Paso

    We love babes, we love rock, and in this post we just love El Paso! Fernie did an amazing job getting together some beautiful photos of our very own Sun City. These pictures might also be nice to see when it is still cold and a little snowy outside. Remind you why we love summers in El Paso so much.

  • UTEP Porn Star Mia Khalifa Was At Q-Rotica

    Not surprised to see this story up here. The world was googling Mia Khalifa when it was announced that she was one of the most popular porn stars on the adult site Pornhub. Well, we found out she used to go to the University of Texas at El Paso, and even attended our very own Q-Rotica a few years back. Not to mention we wanted to see her pre-boob job. You can check it out again too.

  • Mexican People Try Taco Bell For The First Time

    Let's be honest: we love Taco Bell. I mean, I don't but everyone else that I know does. We all know that it isn't authentic Mexican food but for some reason, that is a small issue we can work around. In this video, the guys at Buzzed decided to have Mexican people try it for the first time. Apparently, they aren't impressed. And it is still hilarious.

  • Hot Pics From The Twin Peaks Bikini Contest

    What can we say, KLAQ listeners love pictures of some gorgeous ladies. In this post, we showed you some of the gorgeous girls that were competing in the Twin Peaks Bikini Pageant. Lucky Buzz and Fernie are some of the judges for this event, and we can see why they continue to "volunteer" for this assignment.

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