Sometimes deciding what restaurant to eat at for breakfast can be difficult. I have a couple of restaurants that I believe aren’t the most suitable places to have breakfast. The places I don’t really enjoy having breakfast at may disappoint you or maybe not. But I recently gave a certain spot another chance to change my opinion. Unfortunately, my mind was not changed and still don’t approve of that particular restaurant.

There have been a few restaurants that don’t meet the par when it comes to serving a good breakfast. Those places that I am really not a fan of are The Clock, Los Galleros, and Ay Caramba. I may have turned you into an enemy because of my opinion but at least I gave them a second chance. I have my reasons for disliking their breakfast items but have nothing against their lunch or dinner menu. For example, at The Clock, I had ordered the Machaca plate which was NOT great. You also have to make sure you ask for chile con queso. By the way, their chile con queso isn't like real chile con queso. Their's consists of green chiles, onions, and tomatoes chopped with shredded munster cheese. I only had two bites and just got the rest to go so my dad could take as lunch for work. If you had to pick one of the three places you most dislike which would you vote for below?

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