It's been a while since I stirred up trouble online.

We've all played Uno right? It's fun but, the overlords dropped a bombshell on us last May. Are you ready? According to, Uno says you cannot stack draw two and draw 4 cards.

Mind blown, huh? Now, let's compound the problem a little more. The article that link goes to says you can't "stack" while the Uno rules say, you can stack but that you can't  "accumulate." This means you can avoid drawing by playing your own drawcard but, the number called for remains the same, no matter how many get piled up. (Read that here)

Either way, there you have it. No more families broken or relationships ruined over someone having to "draw 26." No more adding 'em up folks.

Ultimately, it's really up to the Uno game host to decide. I promise, if you invite me over and I see "stacking," I will not report you. Just make sure you have extra Coors Light for me.

That's the price of my silence.

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