June 5th is a special day of celebration and, it involves something I try and celebrate every day.

Today is National Donut day! (Like you need a reason to go enjoy some doughy goodness, right?) As I already mentioned, I think every day should be national donut day and I for one, damn sure to try and have at least 1 donut every day. Dunkin Donuts are my favorite although, I also have to hand it to Hillside Coffee and Donut for their tasty's. They are a very close number 2 on my "best donut ever" list, especially the one they make that is just covered in cinnamon. OMG ... it's amazing.

Also on my list, a little bakery in Chaparral called La Central. (That place is loaded with delicious sweets and their address is 420. Coincidence??) Speaking of bakeries, Bowie Bakery kills it with their donuts too. Before moving to El Paso, I always enjoyed the goodies from Winchell's but, sadly, we don't have any of them around here. Krispy Kreme seems to be Americas' favorite all around. They are #1 according to the folks at nationaltoday.com.

America's favorite type of donut, according to that same website, is Glazed followed by Boston Cream and Chocolate frosted is in 3rd place. Some places will give you a free donut on national donut day but, not all of them. Be sure and ask though and, good luck. Even if you can't find a free one, you still wind up with a donut and that is always a good thing!

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