Every year hundreds of snack sized packages of Skittles, chocolates, and pixie sticks get handed out to Halloween's trick or treaters. But those are the standard treats you would expect most people to provide their October 31st guests.

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The Buzz Adams Morning Show crew talked about what other alternatives we might want, and what other ones we might hate.



LOVE: Popcorn balls

Photo by Pylz Works on Unsplash

One low-cost alternative Halloween treat is the tasty and floss worthy popcorn ball. They also make for great treats you can just easily throw into trick or treaters bags, or heads.


HATE: Trail-mix

Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash

It's the bottom shelf liquor of snacks and we all know those lazy homeowners that just chuck a few raisins and peanuts at you. Avoid these houses at all costs or preemptively trick them with thousands of plastic forks inserted throughout their front yard.


LOVE: Candied apples

Photo by Tuqa Nabi on Unsplash

Delicious and easy to make alternative Halloween snacks ar candied apples or caramel apples. Buy a bunch of normal Halloween snacks and just melt them on top of some apples. Chuck a couple at some kids heads and count the points to make for a more lively evening. Remember an apple a day will keep the brats away.


HATE: VHS Tapes/ CDs/ outdated charger cords

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

You know you're hitting a low end Halloween house when the only thing they have to offer are a bunch of old CDs, broken phone chargers, or plain old VHS tapes. Which, hey, the VHS might actually be a collectible by now.


LOVE: Money

spilled coins
Photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash

When the house you go to just chucks a couple of pennies or nickels in your plastic jack-o-lantern, it may feel disheartening, but those are the people who don't pay attention and are easy to return to over and over again. I've heard you can make more than an Uber driver this way.



Whatever you decide to dole out as a Halloween treat this year on October 31st, remember that kids like things that are sweet, not healthy, and delicious. And money kids freaking love money.


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