"El Chavo Del Ocho" is probably one of my favorite shows. I watched it growing up and the second I heard that intro, I knew I was in for some great laughs. If you've never heard of "El Chavo del Ocho"- it's a Mexican comedy series that ran in the 70's that followed  the misadventures of Chavo, an eight year old orphan living alone in a Mexican 'vecindad'. The roles of the children -- Quico, Chilindrina, Ñoño, Chavo and Popis -- are played by adults. El Chavo was played by the beloved and incomparable Mexican comedian Chespirito. The show continues to be popular for Hispanics everywhere.

So, we all know that theme song right? It's instantly recognizable.

For years, I've always known it as the theme to "El Chavo del Ocho" I never knew it was an actual song with a name. According to the Wikipedia, the song is called "The Elephant Never Forgets" by Jean-Jaques Perrey. The Wikipedia does mention that it is known mostly in Latin America as the theme to "El Chavo". It also mentions that the song is inspired by Beethoven's "Turkish March"! Immediately, I had to go look it up and I. WAS. SHOOKETH.

How amazing is it that Beethoven composed this in 1808 and generations later, we all know this as the theme to one of our favorite shows! In the comments sections someone said:

¡De niños escuchábamos a Beethoven todos los días por las tardes y no lo sabíamos!! jajaja... fue sin querer queriendo.

Translated- he said: "!! hahaha ... it was without wanting to." (which was a saying from the show).

So maybe you knew this, maybe you didn't. Either way, that's what I learned today which just goes to show- you really DO learn something new everyday!

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