Mount Cristo Rey Hike

Mount Cristo Rey sure is a beautiful sight to see at the crack of dawn if you're not hiking. If you're up by at least 5 am and have a clear view of Mount Cristo Rey you have a hell of a show. The time I had decided to ride alone to meet my family I ran late. In a way, I was happy I ran a little behind or else I wouldn't have witnessed a neat site. While on my way to Mount Cristo Rey I can see a trail of lights tracing the trail to the top. You will have the best view just like the rest of the other hikers if you participate on Good Friday. I have one bad memory from many years ago when I hiked up Mount Cristo Rey. One year, in 2008, I did the hike and ended up catching the swine flu that had me in quarantine for a week. If you plan on doing the hike this Good Friday will begin at 6 am finishing at 2 pm. Take the poll below if you plan on hiking Mount Cristo Rey or have Mount Cristo Rey take a hike.

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