With all the construction and congestion on the Westside of El Paso, Sun Metro is now offering new Westside routes to help alleviate some of the traffic issues.

With the Go10 infrastructure reconstruction project happening on I-10 between the Executive Boulevard exit and the North Mesa exit, traffic is a nightmare. It seems everyday there is a new accident, crawling traffic and more happening in the area. Not to mention the Border Highway West extension happening at the exact same time.

Sun Metro is working to try and give El Pasoans different commenting options to hep out with the traffic problem. Sun Metro will offer four new routes in the areas in hopes that it will help ease the problem, even just a little bit.

The new routes will help passengers who live on Westside connect with the Brio buses and other parts of El Paso.

Here are the new routes servicing the Westside of El Paso:

Route 90 - Westside/Eastside Express

This express route will connect the Westside Transfer center at 7535 Remcon and the Eastside Transfer Center at 1165 Sunmount (across from Hooters). There are limited stops on this route, as well as free parking. The route will also stop at the Harvest Christian Center.

Route 91 - Bartlett/Centennial Circulator

This new route will offer a unique, new service for passe will run from the Westside Transfer Center to the Bartlett/Bishop Flores area.

Route 92 - Resler/ Loma de Cristo Circulator

This route will offer service from the Brio station on Mesa and Resler, to Belvedere, Via Descanso and Brisa Del Mar. This route will offer offer the new "flag-down" service like Route 91.

Route 93 - Thunderbird Circulator

This route will run from the Brio station at Mesa and Balboa to the Thunderbird, Bandolero and Broadmoor area. This route will offer the "fall-down" service.

Standard bus fares apply for these new routes. If you would like more information on the hours these new routes are available, please visit the Sun Metro website, or give them a call at (915) 212-3333.