We all know that tacos are delicious, right? And fried tacos are just as tasty; sometimes a crunchy, deep fried taco just hits the spot! But a new video that went viral on TikTok is giving some Texans doubts.

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In a TikTok video shared by user @Itsthemarlee shows us how her Texan grandmother taught her how to make fried tacos. The video has garnered thousands of views and comments and many folks are divided at the way she prepares them, that's because Marlee fries everything at the same time- raw beef included!

Now I'm only saying that it confuses me because I've never seen it be done this way; the way I've done them, and the way my whole family has done it, is by cooking the beef first, you then add the cooked beef to the tortilla and then you finally fry it!

I guess I didn't think that you could fry it all together; in the video Marlee does say that the meat gets fully cooked and I think that was my concern as well as many on TikTok. Few were compelled to add that this isn't how we do things in Texas!

I’m from Texas and this isn’t a Texas thing.

Who knows, it might be a Texas thing? But it was a bit of a shock to many to see them done this way- so much so that Danny Trejo himself felt he needed to make a comment!


But for every naysayer there were those who thought this was genius and that the end result looked so good that it's become a TikTok trend.

I don't know if I would try making them this way, I'm stuck in my way of making fried tacos, but, hey, if they're good then they're good, right? My only complaint would be that they don't have enough meat in them!

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