Ticketmaster is being forced to give you a refund!

If you bought tickets from Ticketmaster within the past 12 years, you have some money coming!  Not much though; $1.50. Hey, it's a $1.50 more than you had before!!   (Some people may get an extra $5, check out the article below.)

Remember when Pearl Jam and other artists were calling for boycotts of Ticketmaster and trying  to find ways to get around using them because of the fees they charge?  Looks like they are finally being held accountable for some of them.  Get this though; they're not in trouble for doing it ... they're in trouble for not telling you they did it.

And, they're not going to stop!

The fees will continue, but now they have to put an announcement up on their website informing everyone about them.

Read more here from yahoo.com

Soooooo, what do you think? Does telling someone you're not being fair make it ok to not be fair??