My goodness how quickly things can change. As we were talking about on the MoSho this morning, the Northwest is going to be insanely hot. The high for Monday (June 28th) is right now set at 116 degrees. Yup, that's WAY hotter than it's going to be in El Paso and the Borderland this week. Here's what we're looking at for the highs this week:

  • Monday, June 28th - 75°
  • Tuesday, June 29th - 79°
  • Wednesday, June 30th - 81°
  • Thursday, July 1st - 81°
  • Friday, July 2nd - 85°
  • Saturday, July 3rd - 83°
  • Sunday, July 4th - 85°
  • Monday, July 5th - 84°
  • Tuesday, July 6th - 89°
  • Wednesday, July 7th - 92°
  • Thursday, July 8th - 94°
  • Friday, July 9th - 92°
  • Saturday, July 10th - 93°
  • Sunday, July 11th - 93°
  • Monday, July 12th - 93°

Looks like we're in line for some pretty nice temps here in the Borderland, but on the flip side we're going to get a lot of rain with it as well. This week will probably be the worst of it with thunderstorms in the forecast throughout this week.

Even after the thunderstorms are going to be done in El Paso, it looks like we will still have some cloud cover. "Partly cloudy" is in the forecast starting on Independence Day (Sunday, July 4th) and that will take up most of next week. Then, by a week from Friday, it looks like we'll be back to "mostly sunny" skies and with temps getting back into the 90s.

Most people from El Paso think that's it's mostly an El Paso thing that when it rains the traffic turns to garbage because people don't know how to drive in it. I can tell you this is not exclusive to El Paso. It even happens in Portland and South Florida, where they get rain regularly. That's still no excuse. Please, when the rain comes, give yourself more time between you and the car in front of you.

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