We have to throwback to one year ago today, when Guns N' Roses were in El Paso! They put on a damn good show when they performed at the Sun Bowl!

I bet when you attended Guns N' Roses you had a reunion with old high school friends. Guns N' Roses were in the sun city exactly one year ago today. Those guys had us singing our hearts out. There are certain concerts that will make you wish a time machine was around. This band definitely has me wishing we could go back one year to hear them rock out. It was also badass to see them cover Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" that night. When they sang that song a year ago today, it gave us all chills down our spine. Besides that cover, when they started the intro to "November Rain" I could feel the goosebumps rising. There were hardly any empty seats in the stands. It was the kind of concert you put a hold on going to take a restroom break. This was a concert to always remember and never forget. That night is filled with a lot of great memories my friend Karla and I made at the Guns N' Roses concert.

Place your vote below if you would jump into a time machine to go back one year to see Guns N' Roses again!