I remember the days my mom and dad used to work at The Popular back in the day. I am sure you also have a lot of great memories at that store too. When I was younger I would always get to wander around the store. I enjoyed using the stairs they had set right in front of the entrance. The stairs would take you down or up to another level in the store. I remember a lot of people use to shop there for all sorts of things. The location I remember visiting quite often was the one Downtown that is now a Fallas Paredes. The Popular shut all their locations down on November 6, 1985, and were deeply missed. They had several Popular stores which I don't remember visiting those other locations as much as the Downtown one. Just to remember the good old days, I would stroll around Downtown and step inside the former Popular building. When I run errands Downtown, I always take N. Mesa just to pass by the building the Popular used to be located at.

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