If you missed out on seeing Through Fire perform at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center in March, we're giving you another chance! Yep! These guys are bringing the fire again to El Paso to perform at our Downtown Street Festival.

They performed a free show at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center in March and will be performing Saturday, October 6. I was one of the unfortunate souls that wanted to see them perform but was out of town for their show. Luckily for me, I've been given a second chance to see these guys live and perform my favorite song "Breathe" in October. I am also excited to hear them perform their latest "Where You Lie" on the Bud Light Main Stage. Through Fire had a big crowd singing along with them to "Breathe" I can just imagine it at StreetFest! You can even hear the fans singing along in the video above when they performed at Speaking Rock Entertainment earlier this year. Don't miss out on seeing these guys at our Downtown Street Festival at the new location on San Antonio street.

So if you missed seeing Through Fire a few months back, you've been given another chance so don't screw it up!