Ever since I was a little girl I always had a fear of the four men who haunted my dreams after watching their movies. Those three men were Freddy Kreuger, IT (clown) and Jason of Friday the 13th. The last time I had gone to the Klaq Haunted Warehouse was years ago when I had the worst experience with a friend. When we were getting close to exiting the haunted warehouse the guy who was supposed to be "leather face" chased us ALL the way to our cars! So I am gaining back the strength to face my fears all over again and want to know who is with me to face them?!

Freddy Kreuger always scared me so easily that I can still watch his movies and manage to have nightmares with him in them. I especially hated how he would get sexual by trying to lick a chicks face and thought ew! I always thought he was real when he would appear in my dreams so I stay away from his movies.

As for IT the clown who enjoyed tricking kids into following a little paper boat down to his water sewage and then eating them was not kosher in my book. Clowns can pretend to be funny, nice and silly till they reel you in with that act and BAM! kill you as IT does. I had always had a fear of clowns for the longest time and get creeped out!

Last but not least I hate Jason from Friday the 13th just cause he wears a mask and carries a long sword/knife and has the strength of a super hero. He just gives a swing with that sword and you are cut in half unless you could dodge him. Not only that weapon that he carries around is freaky, but his strength is unbelievable! Below you ovbiously see how strong he is just by folding a bed in half with a guy on it. Thanks to him I have NEVER enjoyed when Friday does land on the 13th since the cable movie channels play nothing but his movies!