By now, you've probably seen the video of El Paso Electric utility workers rescuing the bobcat that had been stuck on a utility for about two days! If you haven't, check it out here:

Working with the Dona Ana County Government Center, El Paso Electric was able to de-energize the wires in the area, alert the 42 customers that were impacted by the outage and then safely bring the bobcat down.

KFOX reports that Sgt. Chris Ortega from the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish released the bobcat in the remote Lake Valley area near Hillsboro in the Gila National Forest in Silver City. Good news for the bobcat as Ortega reported that the bobcat’s future consists of abundant food sources and vast rugged terrain to relish!

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Sounds great for the bobcat, however, I had some questions, like:

  • How did the bobcat even get up there?
  • Okay, after a brief Google search, bobcats can jump twelve feet.
  • Okay, so they can jump that high onto stuff but can't come back down?
  • That bobcat looks like my cat when he's posted the lamp. Cat's get into the craziest situations.
  • How did it just survive for two days up there?!
  • I'm glad he was rescued, but if I were that guy with the cage at the bottom, I'd be terrified. How is that guy not scared?!
  • The bobcat kind of looks like my cat, Junior. Should we name the bobcat?
  • The bobcat's name is now Junior, Jr.
  • The bobcat was placed in the cage the same way I have to place my cat into his carrier when I take him to the vet. He also fought like my cat when I put him in his carrier.
  • They released the bobcat in Silver City, but what if the bobcat had a family here?!
  • I hope Junior, Jr. has a wonderful life.


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