This is hands down the funniest DUI test around that still makes you laugh till this day! This dude could have totally passed the sobriety test if it weren't  for his damn mouth.

Island girl 5359 was in the right state of mind to publish this funny DUI test. It may be really old but still is funny to watch every single time. This older gent is pretty smart for being able to repeat the alphabet backward while intoxicated. The cop's amazed at how this man who appears to be intoxicated, can actually say the alphabet backward with no problems. This chick cop kicks up the sobriety test a notch when she adds on moves to "walking the plank" test. Reno 911 sure did put a hilarious spin on your everyday cop life. Re-live this funny moment from the show from many years ago.

If you're planning on having sold cold ones this weekend don't forget to be smart and responsible!

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