The car chase after a tragic double homicide and a break in at an old K-Mart, let's see what moments right here in the Sun City made it to tv.

This weekend we once again got to check out some of the craziest moments involving the police form all over the United States. The El Paso Police Department is one of the lucky departments that gets to show the public how hard they work and what crazy scenarios they have to deal with on a daily basis. The El Paso Police Department is hoping that showing their staff working on the show will help bring up the recruitment numbers and bring more people to join the force and the show is incredibly popular so hopefully it does! This weekend, we got to see again an interesting situation and even a tragic one unfold in front of the cameras for the world to see. My one question is how much is actually live if one of these incidents actually happened a few weeks ago?

Break In At The Old K-Mart

In this clip on the Live PD Facebook Page, you can see that an old K-Mart in El Paso had the alarm go off of a break in and officers arrived on scene to investigate.They even brought out a K-9 with them to grab the suspect if need be. The one weird thing to me is why would they not removed the muzzle of the dog before allowing him to go and search the property? How is the dog supposed to protect itself from someone if the dog has a muzzle on still? Check out the video below and see for yourself.

The Murder-Suicide

This is a video that if you know the other details of the story will break your heart. The suspect in the red truck was fleeing from officers when the truck crashed into a wall on the far east side of El Paso. In the video, you can see the officers warily approaching the vehicle, unsure if the person inside is armed still. Later while watching you see that the man is now deceased. After the officers start going through the scene, they are notified that at a previous location there is a woman and man that were believed to be murdered by man who killed himself inside of the truck. The details of this story are still coming out and many are questioning if this specific crime scene and chase should have been on the show. This is a situation that has come up on the past and sadly i believe will continue to come up in the future too.

Check out more moments from Live PD on their Facebook page.