Do you remember that part of the pandemic where Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" was hitting a resurgence all because of the skateboarding guy drinking Ocean Spray cranberry juice? That was almost two years ago and that guy has had some great things happen after he went viral.

Now, the Casa Nissan guys are probably hoping that the same thing will happen to them considering how much of a response their newest TikTok has gotten.

@CasaMike on TikTok has some pretty good videos, they're entertaining- however, their newest addition has gotten so much attention that even El Paso's favorite social media account, @FitFam, shared the video and got even more people talking about it.

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The video has become one of my favorites- it also makes me happy to see that "Dreams" is getting popular again because it is one of my favorite songs ever. Check out the video:

The dad bods, the cowboy hats, the thrusting! I love it! This is such a cinematic masterpiece and it just proves to me that the Casa Nissan guys really do seem like NICE guys!

On TikTok the video has over 11K views and on FitFam the video has over 90K views, so people are really into it, and I'm not blaming them!

I think I'm with a lot of people who are asking "are they single?" because I would like to know! I know that many are loving the one front and center in the black, but I feel like he's a little off beat- talk to me about the other one in black.

Some of my favorite comments are:

Now we know how they’re making those sales lmao

Maria Alvarez is concerned for her womb:

God damn it now I’m pregnant

And also, this hilarious scenario from Roxy Bautista:

Me walking the parking lot looking for a salesman great video El Paso ❤️

aaruiz007 said:

Chipndales who? ? I’m in love

And James Cast is really hoping his wife doesn't find her way to this video:

praying my wife doesn't see this and leave me and the kids to start her new life in El paso.

Is it cheesy? Yeah, totally- but I'm hooked. Charlie Clark has 24 hours to respond.

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