When he found out about the erroneous nuclear missile warnings in Hawaii, Donald Trump was…would anybody care to guess what he was doing?

He was golfing, of course, at his course in Florida. I say “of course” because it is his third favorite pastime (just behind undermining a free and open press and appealing to actual white supremacists.)

I can hear some of you already thinking (that’s right. I can HEAR your thoughts.) “Yeah, but Obummer played way more golf than Trump”. And to that, I have to say…FAKE NEWS!

I can understand your confusion, though.Trump has spent the last several years mercilessly attacking Obama for the amount of golf he played while president.

In that video, Candidate Trump says that Obama has played 250 rounds of golf while president. That number is probably pretty close to accurate although Trump, never one to sweat the details, seems to think that number referred to the previous year alone. It actually was all the times Obama had played in his entire 7 years up to that point.

It turns out that by the end of his term Mr. Obama had played 306 rounds or partial rounds of golf.  That’s 306 times in eight years.

Trump fans, you may want to sit down for this next part because here’s when we tell you how much golf DJT has played so far.

In 51 weeks as POTUS Donald Trump has played golf a confirmed total of 44 times. “Confirmed” is a tricky distinction because, unlike Trump, Obama never tried to hide or lie about how many times he played.  It’s possible, and there is compelling evidence, that Donald Trump may have played golf 77 times since being sworn in as president. 77 times!

Extrapolating from there, we can project that Trump will play golf 361 times during his four-year term. Assuming that he completes his four years in office. Who knows? He could be impeached or other wised forced from office long before that in which case he can play all the golf he wants to which, let’s be honest, is essentially what he’s doing now.

If Trump were to serve 8 years (HA!) at the same rate he will play 722 rounds of golf. 722 compared to 306 for Obama.

Why should anyone care how much golf a president plays on his own time? I don’t know. Maybe invent the time machine and go ask 2015 Trump since he’s the one who seems to have had the biggest problem with it.

By the way, Barack Obama didn’t play his first round of presidential golf until he had been on the job for four months. Trump played his first round the very first weekend after he was inaugurated.  Wow. It’s almost like he thinks you’re…I dunno, stupid or something.

You can visit the website that tracks all of Trump’s golf outings (confirmed and probable) here.

I’m only putting the link to that site here because I’m worried that if I embedded anything our paltry servers would be overloaded and fried by the sheer astronomical numbers of so, so much golf.

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