Some would consider this a creepy crawler but it actually looks really cute! This is called a Mexican mole lizard which is also known as the five-toed worm lizard.

National Geographic gives you some insight on this legless lizard that has arms like a T-Rex. The lizard has two front limbs that help dig their way in or out of places.  If it were possible to own this kind of lizard as a pet I would SOO be down! It's got a unique look that gives off an adorable impression instead of a creepy kind. They measure up to be 9 inches long with strong limbs that can dig through soil. A lot of people have mistaken this Mexican mole lizard for a worm and snake because of its appearance. This lizard has been known to be located in the Baja California Penninsula. After watching this clip of the Mexican mole lizard you will see it works at a somewhat fast pace while digging. These cool little creatures can actually self-amputate their tails on command to escape the predator. But after that one time, they cannot do it again since their tails don't regenerate. This cute 'legless' lizard almost looks like it could pass as a worm because of the lining on the body. They also can only live up to two years which is hardly anything compared to other lizards. I've always appreciated National Geographic for introducing us to things we haven't heard of or known about.

If you plan on visiting the Baja California Penninsula soon, keep an eye out for this cool lizard!

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