If you think you have the worst job in the world, think again! In my opinion, I believe being a crime scene cleaner is the worst job to make a living.

National Geographic shows you the job of someone who has to clean up blood and guts from a crime scene. If I had the option of working for Wal Mart or being a crime scene cleaner, I would pick Wal Mart hands down. When the cops and coroner have finished their job, that's when the crime scene cleaner makes the scene disappear for good. A crime scene cleaner is supposed to clean up the murder or suicide aftermath. This job must take a lot of guts and patience to see what you normally wouldn't want your eyes to see. Hopefully the crime scene cleaners NEVER have to clean up after one of their loved ones.

If you're a crime scene cleaner that erases the bloody scene for a living props to you!

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