Baseball season is almost upon us and would love to see someone pull this prank off at a game! The home exhibition is this month on March 26 against the San Diego Padres.

Whistle Sports published this prank that is pretty hilarious to watch! Whistle Sports gives a little extra coverage on the reaction people have to a fly ball. The YouTube personality, actor, comedian, and new media consultant Cameron David "Scooter" Magruder played pretend catcher phenomenally! He decided to play ball in a very crowded area where there were lots of pedestrians which was in New York City. Some of his victims fell for the fake fly ball while some just kept walking without flinching. This baseball season I plan on actually going out to one of the games to pull off this prank. Be sure to get your tickets for this upcoming baseball season for the El Paso Chihuahuas.

This prank will definitely remind you of the times you have flinched at the El Paso Chihuahuas game!