Think you could survive an encounter with the iconic horror character, Jason Voorhees?

This is one of the coolest day trip ideas I've heard of in a while. According to the Survive Jason Facebook page:

Survive Jason is a horror fan’s nerd dream. After watching the series, the question inevitably arises: if I was in this situation, could I survive Jason? We all like to think we can. Avoid the horror movie tropes. Run instead of walk. Don’t investigate that sound in the dark. I decided to put that to the test. The creation of this game is to let people have the experience of testing their mettle against one of the baddest slashers in the genre, Jason Voorhees. In a safe, real-world scenario, players get to step into Camp Crystal Lake and attempt to escape from an unstoppable, unkillable force. If you win, you deserve a prize! If you get caught, well .. you’re just another Jason victim. Hopefully your death is memorable. With a fantastic team working to set up, create, and execute, we hope that everyone who participates has the same thrill that we get.

If you want a cool and creepy weekend getaway, click here for more info.

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