TX-DOT has announced that commuting on the Westside of El Paso will be a bleak and torturous nightmare which will seem to drag on for eternity.

Actually, the $158 million I-10 Collector-Distributor Lanes Project is expected to be complete by 2019. Don't worry, though, Westside commuters! Your second travel option, Paisano Drive will still have ONE WHOLE LANE open for the next 12 months. The city knows it's going to be horrible. That's why some in local government are advising people to drive allllll the way around the mountain and take Transmountain Road to get to their location which would otherwise have only been a 10 minute commute.

2019 sounds like a long time from now. Let's put it in some perspective.

By the time the I-10 project is complete:


  • 1

    NASA says we'll have a manned mission to Mars. This is not a joke.

  • 2

    Disney will have released at least four Star Wars Movies and there will have been six new movies taking place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Also, presumably, Spiderman will have been re-booted three times.

  • 3

    Hillary Clinton will already be running for her second term.

  • 4

    We might have found out if Glenn is actually dead.

  • 5

    Criminals will be forced to fight to the death for a television audience (if Running Man is to be believed because it's set in 2019).

  • 6

    Androids will have gained sentience and are plotting to rise up against their human oppressors (if Blade Runner is to be believed. Also set in 2019).

  • 7

    According to the TV show The Last Man on Earth a plague will have wiped out 99.999 percent of the earth's population.

  • 8

    Look, we're saying 2019 isn't looking so great if you consume a lot of pop culture. I recommend running up as much debt as possible until then because you probably won't have to pay it back.

  • 9

    A vaccine for STDs will probably have been developed. Oddly, Jenny McCarthy will have no problem being first in line for that one.

  • 10

    San Jacinto Plaza will only be two years from completion.