During the holidays, people are travelling all over the country to visit loved ones. This means extra time is being spent in the El Paso Airport and other airports around Texas. The El Paso International Airport is small compared to other traveling hubs in the Lone Star State like Dallas and Houston, even the San Antonio airport is bigger in size. This holiday season alone I've been to the Dallas-Fort Worth airport as well as the massive George Bush Intercontinental Houston airport.

While in Houston, I had a significant layover and was wondering what I was going to do to pass the hours I had until my next flight. I started going through the amenities at the airport and was amazed at how much they had to offer their customers. After, I started looking at the Dallas airports to see what dining, shopping, and activities they had to off the travelers. This made me start wondering what other things the El Paso International Airport should add that could make traveling and those dreaded delays a little bit easier.

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Let's face it, there isn't a lot at our local airport. The wings of the airport and both only have one bar and a few shops that sell convenience store-like items and necessities you may have forgotten to pack. The traveling staple of Starbucks is present as well as a couple of food options to grab a snack at if you get hungry, but if you were stuck here on a long delay? You'd be stuck sitting and looking at your phone for hours, or reading a book. Some would just start drinking at the bar until they could finally leave, which means you might be drunk by the time you land. Other Texas airports have some better options that would be enjoyable if they were offered here in the El Paso airport.

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