The COVID 19 pandemic forced us to do many things differently. As we inch towards normalcy, I'm going to keep doing some of these things.

The "great plague" of 2020 really knocked us for a loop. Businesses were ordered to close, we were ordered to stay home, the economy took a major hit, jobs were lost and ... for some reason ... toilet paper became a thing. The new "coin of the realm" practically. Now that Texas and the rest of the country are taking those first tentative steps toward getting back to normal, I have to admit there are some things about the pandemic I will miss.

Here are a few "new behaviors" I think I'll hold on to:

  • Wearing a mask. I got a couple of cool bandanas that I wear old west outlaw style and I started to like it. I'm not sure how much longer it will be ok to wear it everywhere but, I'll be one of the last to stop.
  • Remembering to wash my hands more often and using sanitizer.
  • Partying with friends at home. We couldn't go anywhere, not that there was anywhere to go, so home became where the party was. I like that and while I do have my favorite bars and restaurants, I really grew to like being at home. (Honestly, it was cheaper too!!)
  • Social distancing. If I know you, I'm all about hugs and handshakes. If not though, I'm absolutely fine with everyone staying the hell away from me. (REMINDER: "Social Distancing" has always applied to driving. Let's remember that now and always peeps. STOP all the freaking tailgating!!)
  • Working from home. Thanks to modern technology, I was able to do pretty much everything except my on-air shift from my house ... and, despite it''s challenges, I liked it. (I promise I'll still come to the staff meetings though Boss. Deal??)

One last thing. I'd also like to keep paying $1.35-ish a gallon for gas. Granted, that's more of a fantasy than a realistic goal but, man ... how I wish that would have lasted.

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