Well, not the whole thing but; those near the base will hear some explosions today.

Contractors want the public to know that today, February 19th, a series of controlled explosions are planned on Fort Bliss throughout the day. They are blowing up "practice" munitions according to KTSM and those living or working near US-180, Montana, or Hueco Tanks are most likely to hear the big booms.

We're used to seeing military vehicles rolling around El Paso and tactical aircraft flying overhead but, actual explosions are rare. (Unless you live in far northeast or Chaparral. Those peeps are used to the ground shaking every time White Sands holds an exercise.) So, just so you know, don't panic. Everything's cool and the explosions should not continue beyond today.

Everything will be fine but, you might want to slip Fido a "doggy downer". Otherwise, he may be flipping out all day and driving you nuts.

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