Usually most fights occur after having a few drinks that poison your mind into thinking you're the incredible hulk. Hopefully this year we won't be seeing any fights like these at our Downtown Street Festival.

This fight you're about to witness happened between a group of chicks right on 6th street in Austin. We're unclear about what exactly they were fighting over but it got pretty bad and made TXStreetfights TV. The ladies involved didn't even care they were flashing their goods to the crowd because of the fight. Thankfully at our events we have plenty of police officers patrolling the area so nothing like this could occur. If you're planning on going to the Downtown Street Festival please remember to have a designated driver if you decide to have more than a couple drinks. Also, try to remember to keep it classy by avoiding any altercations so you and your company can have a good time.

Don't be like these chicks in the video above and drink responsibly while enjoying the Downtown Street Festival!


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