There are a lot of places in El Paso with scenic views where you can romance your man or lady. Some people in El Paso are used to the usual spots that EVERYONE visits.

I captured a few glimpses of the different views in El Paso that are perfect for either some long talks or romance time. These spots are the best places to have long interesting talks or just skip the talking and get straight to romancing. The usual places that everyone knows about are Scenic Drive and Transmountain that are used often. But these other places aren’t really known by many the way we know of Scenic and Transmountain. One of the spots is located off of Arizona and gives you a view of the eastside, Juarez and Downtown. The sunset from the Westside spot is beyond amazing to watch while you check out Mount Cristo Rey. If you’re up for new scenic views then you must check out these spots with your next date or friend!


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