The Wyler Aerial Tramway closed in 2018 but, funding has ... sorta ... been approved to fix it!

The Wyler Aerial Tramway closed last year because an engineering study ruled it had outlived itself and was no longer safe. Good news though!!  A bill that would provide 15 million dollars for its repair and another 20 million dollars for a dental school ... WTF those two have in common, I couldn't tell you .... has been approved by the Texas House Of Representatives.

We all know where the Tramway is. The Dental School would be a part of the Texas Tech University Health Science Center El Paso, located at 5001 El Paso Drive. I'm not planning to attend dental school anytime soon myself so, guess which of these two projects I'm happier about?

It's not a done deal yet though. The bills, Senate Bill 500 and House Bill 1, next have to pass the Senate. ( If everything goes according to plan, the Tramway will be back in operation ... hopefully ... soon!!

Cross your fingers!!

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